We design and create an intelligent energy storage system at district level. Together with you we address your sustainable energy queries. We do this in three steps.


Feasibility and design possibilities


Technical computation and organization, preparation of actual construction


Construction of the Ecovat and its connection to the energy system

Our team of professionals, external specialists and partners is there to help meet national and international climate goals.


Application of the Ecovat system is tested extensively.


  1. Sustainability goals and energy system starting points have been defined.
  2. Design of system meets objectives and starting points.
  3. Business case has been written and funding possibilities have been listed.
  4. Inform stakeholders regarding results and inspire them towards taking the next step.
  • Technological aspects

    Technical design of an Ecovat system tailored to your requirements and location

  • Financial aspects

    Business case, investment survey and funding possibilities

  • Organizational aspects

    Energy as a service. Possible ownership structures, ESCo design

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    The technology is specified in detail and the actual construction of the Ecovat system is prepared.


    1. Start of phase, commitment of stakeholders.
    2. Detailed specification of technology and preparation of actual construction.
    3. Entering into project funding contracts and finalization of ESCo design.
    4. Start of construction process.
    • Technological aspects

      Detailed specification of technology, preparation of actual construction

    • Funding and business case

      The project’s funding contract

    • Organizational aspects

      Final ESCo design

    • Next Step: Realization