Behind the scenes at BOM Business Development

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BOM Business Development is the developer and driving force of several innovative business initiatives in North-Brabant, home province of Ecovat®. BOM Business Development searches for growth opportunities for North-Brabant and is the initiator of partnerships between businesses, research institutions, governments and civil society organizations.

The work of BOM Business Development can be best explained by practical cases. Therefore, a few times a year BOM Business Development gives us a look behind the scenes by telling the stories of their special initiatives. These stories give us a good picture of how the BOM helps translate revolutionary ideas into new business and employment opportunities for North-Brabant.

In the third edition of ‘Behind the scenes’, the story of the Ecovat® energy storage system is told. Aris de Groot, managing director and owner of Ecovat®, explains the role of BOM Business Development in the growth of his business.


Aris de Groot developed Ecovat®: a subterranean barrel for energy storage in the form of hot water, which can hold a temperature of up to 90 degrees with less than 10% loss of efficiency in half a year. “Think of it as a big preserving jar with energy in it,” de Groot explains. “The ‘jar’ is filled as cheaply as possible, for example with free solar energy in the middle of summer.” While a prototype is being constructed behind his zero-energy office in Uden, Ecovat® has found his first customers. “With support from the BOM my team and I sharpened our business case. That opened doors.”

De Groot puts in a lot of energy to get Ecovat® into business. And with results. “In Brabant and Limburg we have a couple of agreements, hopefully with Groningen and Belgium to follow.” BOM Business Development enrolled his company for participation in the business bootcamp organized by the BOM and Vlerick Business School. “The business bootcamp had many benefits for us. We took our market strategy to the next level. Finally we became one of the four winners with our sales pitch. The same pitch contributed to obtaining a subsidy of TKI EnerGO and also European support: the KIC InnoEnergy consortium took an interest in Ecovat®. “Now we only need a few partners. BOM is searching with us, on the lookout for opportunities for new product / market combinations.”