Ecovat in advisory board Energy Storage Netherlands

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On November 6th the platform Energy Storage Netherlands was established. Ecovat has been asked to join as a member of the board.

Making a commercial success out of innovations in energy storage requires more than just technology. Cooperation between business and research is a prerequisite for success. FME has taken the initiative by bringing business and innovation together in a new platform called Energy Storage Netherlands.

Energy Storage Netherlands wants to connect businesses, educational institutions, governments and financiers in a meaningful way with the aim to create sustainable business cases that contribute to a successful transition to clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Due to the strongly increasing dynamics of supply and demand for energy, the need for new forms of energy grows. The market for energy storage currently grows by 40% per year. Market researchers expect a hundredfold increase in storage capacity in the next 10 years. Whether it comes to the storage of electricity from wind or sun, vehicles running on electricity or hydrogen, heat buffers for the built environment or virtual storage in power grids, these are all new innovations offering new opportunities for the industry.

The network currently has more than 30 participants from science, knowledge institutes and industry. Parties involved are Siemens, TU Delft, SMA, DNV GL, ECN, DIFFER, WaterstofNet, IF Technologies, TNO, Enexis, Alliander and a dozen SMEs and technology start-ups. The LinkedIn community Energy Storage Netherlands already counts nearly 400 members.