Ecovat beautiful business case for Dutch province Gelderland

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Business development agency Oost NV is busy setting up another establishment of Ecovat in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Ecovat headquarters are located in Uden, North-Brabant.

On their website, the following text is placed about these plans:

“Ecovat has developed a, by many parties called promising, new application to store heat and cold. The construction costs are significantly lower than with depth storage. The system is also significantly more efficient. Thereby, the large barrel is placed under the ground, which makes little infringement in the environment. We see good possibilities for energy management in industrial sites, the glass construction, heating networks, etcetera. We will soon be having conversations with the province of Gelderland and the kiEMT foundation. ”

Business development agency Oost NV develops and guides innovation and helps to fund those innovations. Oost NV accompanies international entrepreneurs to Gelderland and Overijssel, renews business parks and IT infrastructure. PPM Oost, the venture capital unit of Oost NV, participates in innovative companies and manages innovation funds. With a commitment to the knowledge economy of the eastern Netherlands, we are strong in Agro-Food, Life Sciences, High Tech, Energy and Manufacturing.

More information about Development Oost NV can be found here.