Ecovat requested patent for thermally cooled PVT panel

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To be able to load the Ecovat, we have developed a PVT module. Ecovat has requested a patent for this thermally cooled PVT panel. In combination with the Ecovat, this panel delivers an energy yield on three levels:

1. Electric – daytime with solar insulation

Yield is PV cell dependent, for example 150 kWh€ / m² per year.

2. Thermal – daytime low-grade exergy

Yield is location dependent, for example Ned. 480 kWh (th) / m² per year.

3. Thermal – at night low-grade exergy

During the summer through regeneration by the Ecovat®, in the winter storage of cold through the ice-section inside the Ecovat®. Yield is location dependent, for example Ned. 250 kWh(th) / m² per year.

In order to bring the exergy up to 90 degrees, the generated electric current is used for the turning of two cascade heat pumps. The COP is an average of 5, depending on the source and release T.

The yield of 1 m² of my Ecovat PVT panel 150 * 5 + 480 + 250 = 1480 kWh(th) / m² per year = (168 m3 AEQ x € 0.60 = € 100, – / of m² per year yield J).