Ecovat provides a balance between supply and demand of renewable energy. Storage of energy and heat is the missing link in this matter. The possibility of seasonal storage offers balance and flexibility. The combination of our hardware, software and services ensures a comfortable, reliable and affordable energy system.

  • Hardware

    Local energy system with seasonal storage.

  • Software

    Smart control.

  • Services


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Local energy system with seasonal storage

The purpose of an Ecovat in an energy system is to create balance between supply and demand of renewable energy by means of energy storage. The large storage capacity and efficiency allow energy to be stored across the seasons. This way, Ecovat responds optimally to supply and demand of energy.

What is Ecovat


Smart software, smart control

By acting on the electricity markets and anticipating future heat demand, Ecovat offers the possibility of buying energy when the price is low. A software system has been developed for this. This software bases its actions on the weather forecast, current energy prices, the status of the Ecovat and the expected energy demand.


Unburdening with comfort as a service

Heat and cold are no longer products. Users of the Ecovat energy system, such as residents of a district, will receive comfort as a service. For each local system a special private company can be set up that guarantees comfort for a price in line with the prevailing market.

  • The property developer is unburdened.
  • Ecovat designs and builds the local energy system.
  • The specially set up private company supplies the user with comfort.

Users or external investors can become (joint) proprietor of the private company. The private company will arrange a sustainability guarantee with the local government and the users regarding the heat and cold that are to be supplied.