The applicability of Ecovat ® is large spread. This includes amongst other things the cultivation under glass and the built environment, such as schools, nursing homes or complete residential areas.


Possibilities of Ecovat ®

There are multiple routes possible for the application of an Ecovat ®. In the AgriFood sector Ecovat ® can serve as a thermal energy storage system in a greenhouse, causing the greenhouse to transform into an energy source that supplies not only its own energy, but also that for the surrounding area. Ecovat ® is then an energy storage system.

By employing an Ecovat ® in the built environment, a sustainable energy supply is created throughout the entire year. This offers the opportunity to control the entire energy system in a flexible manner so that an administrator can also use the district as an adjustable user. Ecovat ® thus becomes a total energy system.

What’s in it for you?

The application of Ecovat® gives investors the opportunity to be less dependent on fossil fuels and the accompanying price developments. Additionally Ecovat® offers certainty about the cost of heating and cooling over a long period of time. Ecovat® is a suitable solution in the context of environmental friendliness and sustainability.

AgriFood and Built environment

Do you want to know what Ecovat® can offer your sector? Read more about the AgriFood sector and the Built environment.

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