Ecovat is a large subterranean buffer tank filled with water, which is used for storing heat and cold for use later on. By storing the sustainably generated energy surplus and using it in times of scarcity, renewable energy is used in an optimal way.

Thanks to its large storage capacity and efficiency energy can even be stored across the seasons. The tank has a patented charging principle and a unique construction method.

  • A very large storage capacity
  • A fully developed construction system
  • Expected lifespan > 50 years
  • Minimal visual impact

“Storage is the missing link in the transition to a 100% renewable energy system.”

Ecovat is

  • Highly efficient: less than 10% heat loss over a period of six months.
  • Lower in building costs compared to existing alternatives.
  • Cheap when it comes to maintenance. There are no moving parts that may wear out or decay.
  • Fully underground. The space above the tank can be used for public parks, parking or a recreation area.
  • No risk for the surrounding area. It is a closed system made with safe construction materials.
  • Suitable for seasonal storage.

Comfortable, reliable and affordable energy system

The purpose of an Ecovat in an energy system is to create balance between the supply and demand of renewable energy. Storage of energy and heat is the missing link in this matter. The possibility of seasonal storage offers balance and flexibility. This ensures a comfortable, reliable and affordable energy system for now and the future.