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Energy Now Storage Conversion 17 mei 2018

Sustainable energy congress Energy Now 2018 will take place on May 17th. The event is organized by Team Energy, formed by students from Eindhoven University of Technology. Theme of the event is Storage and Conversion. Ecovat is a partner of Energy Now and provides one of the interactive workshop sessions of the day.


About Energy Now

Energy Now is a yearly organised congress for students and professionals from different technical disciplines. The congress outlines recent developments regarding the energy transition through several elements. Inspirational talks will highlight promising and interesting topics and challenges these bring forward. During interactive workshops given by a variety of companies, students and professionals collaborate to find solutions to energy-related cases on a more in-depth level. The multi-disciplinary exhibition floor enables participants to share and discuss their perspectives. Through a panel discussion these different perspectives are connected and the future of the energy transition is discussed.

This year Energy Now is teaming up with the GO Green Office to make the annual Energy Now Conference CO2-neutral. Together they came up with a step-by-step plan to make the conference as sustainable as possible. Here you can find a downloadable checklist for your next event.

Workshop Energy Now 2018

The key to a sustainable energy system

The transition to a world powered by sustainable energy is up and running. Although energy sources such as solar and wind are successful, major steps still need to be taken to reach the targets as agreed on in Paris 2015. One of the issues with the most used sustainable energy resources is their weather-dependency: on sunny days we generate too much energy, on rainy days too little. In the current system, supply and demand are not meeting. On top of that, sustainable alternatives for large polluting factors like heavy transportation and heat production for both industries and households need to be developed. Energy Now 2018 will take a closer look at the possible solutions for the missing links in the transition to a sustainable system, which can be found in the storage and conversion of energy.

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