In Academy Het Dorp companies, knowledge institutes and health care professionals view health care in an innovative way. Together with people who have special needs they invent and test smart solutions and innovations that make the lives of these people easier and more independent. The use of technology is essential in this process.

The innovation of Het Dorp is realized through the development of smart building, an optimal living environment and (health care) technologies.

academy het dorp ecovatA model for the rest of the world

The realization of Het Dorp in Arnhem, more than 50 years ago, was a major step in the emancipation of people with special needs. Het Dorp became a model worldwide, as its residents were stimulated into organizing their own life and to live independently. This principle is still very much alive.

Innovations Lab

The first building will comprise 36 new assisted-living apartments and the Innovations Lab. That will be the innovation centre where Academy Het Dorp and people with special needs will investigate technological innovations. The centre will be open to everyone and will be situated amidst the residents of Het Dorp. The innovations will be tested by people with disabilities. It is all about people who will actually be using those new technologies: during research, development and introduction of the innovations, upon proven success these innovative aids will be adopted.

academy het dorp ecovat

About the initiator

Siza, which Het Dorp is part of, is the initiator of Academy Het Dorp. Siza offers care and support to people with physical, mental or multiple disabilities and to people with autism or acquired brain injury. Siza employs 2500 professionals who provide care and support to over 3500 people. Siza has 150 locations spread over Gelderland and Central Brabant.

In Academy Het Dorp innovative parties join forces to transform Het Dorp into the district of the future. Currently, eleven clusters within Academy Het Dorp have been appointed for innovation, including ‘Eigen gezonde woning’ (‘My own healthy house’) and ‘Duurzaam bouwen’(‘Building sustainably’). Fifty companies, knowledge institutes and governments have joined, including SPIE, Asito TNO, Honeywell, the city of Arnhem, top sector Health and Ecovat. Product innovations and technological solutions are developed and tested together with end users, in order to create products that actually add value.

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