Fossil fuels are becoming more scarce and with that more expensive. Climate change also requires us to take steps. The transition to a reliable, affordable, socially acceptable, sustainable and economic competitive energy system is the Global Challenge, which is aimed at reducing dependence on fossil fuels, given the scarce resources and an increasing demand for energy and climate change.



Sustainability is not just about solar panels, heat pumps and being energy neutral. Not the first user is important, but the second and the third, which means that the change should also become an inherited daily custom. That is why sustainable solutions should be economically cost-effective and have a long lifespan.

Dependence on fossil fuels

Energy prices have risen sharply over the past decade. In addition, fossil fuels are becoming more scarce and thus more expensive. To be prepared for future developments, cost increases and sustainability demands are only possible when those concerned are in command of the situation.

Anticipating on the demand and supply for renewable energy

The Ecovat® energy storage system is ideal to provide a solution for the problem. It has a very efficient buffer for storage of heat and cold and is based on renewable energy in generation, distribution and use.

Ecovat® has an innovative principle: the storage of energy across the seasons. With the storage of heat or cold in times of surplus and then using it in times of scarcity, this creates the possibility to be independent from the existing grid. In times of energy surplus the excess energy is not delivered back into the energy grid, but is stored for later use or can be sold (locally).

At the need for an energy peak load no appeal has to be done on the existing grid, but this stays possible. The owner or user of the Ecovat® always has the choice to be linked or not to the grid, being able in this way to make optimum use of the demand and supply of renewable energy. The risk of increasing energy costs can be eliminated and a surplus value is being created for the environment.

On the cutting surface of renewable energy, AgriFood and the built environment, Ecovat® is the missing link.