InnoEnergy is dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the area of sustainable energy by bringing together academics, companies and research. InnoEnergy’s objective is to create a positive impact on sustainable energy in Europe.

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We are Edmij, energy and data specialist. Ecovat, together with Edmij, will store energy the moment that electricity supply is large and its price low. Edmij will grant market access to the Ecovat in Uden and together we will determine in what way we can connect the heat storage system to our price models. In this way we help Ecovat tot smartly trade energy. –



In cooperation with companies, governments and organizations, the Saxion lectureship Duurzame Energievoorziening (Sustainable Energy supply) aims to carry out research into using the current energy sources in a more efficient way and a gradual transition to renewable energy sources, such as wind, sun and biomass.


VITO EnergyVille

The Flemish research institute VITO is a leading European independent research organization in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. In the joint innovation programme EnergyVille, together with the University of Leuven, VITO conducts research into sustainable energy.



OndernemersLift+ focuses on starting as well as existing companies that wish to continue to grow, in the Northeast Brabant area. OndernemersLift+ provides feedback, brings them into contact with specific experts from their market sector and offers advice on funding and subsidies.



Years of experience have made WHD specialist in the field of creating solutions for communication problems. In cooperation with product managers and engineers WHD creates highly varied connectivity solutions for your devices and programmes.



TISME stands for Technology, Installation, Solutions, Maintenance and Engineering. TISME ensures well-functioning building installations with custom equipment and software solutions. TISME only uses freely programmable controllers and modules and searches for new communication methods.


Preferred suppliers


PumpSupport provides independent and objective specialist know-how in the field of pumps and pump systems. They offer personal advice, courses and aids for the optimal design of and for solving or preventing problems with pump and other pipe systems. They write articles for the trade press and work together with leading technical educational institutions.

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