2014   Optimizing & Marketing

The development of Ecovat® has been completed. Technically and economically, the system is fully developed and the organization of Ecovat® has been set up. The second stage is now in preparation: building a prototype that will be connected to an energy-neutral office building. In this phase, the modular construction system, the interaction with the grid and the charging and discharging of energy will be optimized. This testing and optimization phase is planned for July 2014.

After the testing and optimizing phase of the smaller prototype, Ecovat® is ready for the national and international market. The Ecovat energy storage system is for example very suitable for the Agrifood sector, but can also be used for schools, nursing homes or residential areas.

2012 – 2013   The birth of Ecovat®

In 2012, Aris de Groot developed control software for the building management system of his energy-neutral office building. He also introduced a new concept into the real estate market namely ‘Rent including energy’. In April 2013 he developed Ecovat®, a large- scale WKO  system. The name is synonymous to the combination of economic and ecological aspects of this innovation.

2008 – 2011   Energy-neutral office building

After two years of technical research on energy neutral buildings with a high quality indoor environment, he started his third company: Aris the Groot Energy, Installation and Construction BV. Following the results of his research, he built in 2011 his first energy-neutral office building at the Loopkantstraat in the city of Uden


1990 – 2007   Construction and architecture

In 1990 Aris the Groot – founder, inventor and owner of Ecovat® – started an architectural firm and worked as a consultant in the construction industry. In that year he bought his first building plot and built a house with office. In ten years his company grew to 25 employees in 2000. In 1995 he started a project development company. In 2007 sold his architectural firm to two of his employees.