At this time, there is still a substantial potential in the realization of the sustainability of the Agri-food sector and the built environment , where those concerned are eagerly looking for heat storage solutions. The currently known systems only store energy for short periods of time or the realization of such a system is not economically cost-effective. However , the Ecovat® energy storage system has an innovative principle: affordable thermal energy storage across the seasons. On the cutting surface of Agrifood, renewable energy and the built environment, Ecovat ® is the missing link.

The energy prices have risen considerably during the past years. Fossil fuels are becoming more scarce and more expensive. Climate change also requires us to take steps. The transition to a reliable, affordable, socially acceptable, sustainable and economic competitive energy system is the Global Challenge, which is aimed at reducing dependence on fossil fuels, given the scarce resources and an increasing demand for energy. Sustainable solutions must be economically cost-effective.
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In the Netherlands a great many heat grids exist that distribute residual heat or sustainably produced heat to the many users in residential areas or business parks. The offer of heat does in many cases not match the demand, thus causing a loss of heat or heat has to added in a conventional manner in order to cope with the demand.
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Eighty percent of the energy need consists of heat. So far, sustainable investments have only been feasible for new buildings, while in the Netherlands alone already seven million existing homes could be renovated. In the built environment, Ecovat® can transform from an energy storage system into a total energy system. The result is a sustainable energy delivery during the entire year.
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Greenhouses often have to contend on a large scale with a mismatch in heat supply and demand for heat across the seasons. With the production of CO2 a lot of heat is released, while this heat is so necessary in the winter period to keep the growth in the greenhouse going. The Ecovat® energy storage system is ideal to provide a solution to this problem because it is extremely efficient and based on renewable energy in generation, distribution and use.
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What is Ecovat?

Ecovat® is a large-scale subterranean barrel for the storage of thermal energy with an innovative principle: the storage of energy across the seasons. By storing the heat (or cold) in times of surplus and using it in times of scarcity, the Ecovat® system creates the possibility for independence of the existing grid.

In times of energy surplus, the energy will not be delivered back to the grid, but can be stored for later use. Apart from that the owner or user of Ecovat® always has the choice to stay making use of the existing grid. In this manner optimal use is being made of demand and supply of sustainable energy and the risk of rising energy costs is being eliminated.

The thermal energy storage system basically consists of a heat buffer, a modular integration of various wall sections and a system for energy exchange. The modular construction and heat exchange in Ecovat® have been granted a patent.

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