Ecovat small reaches highest point

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A milestone! Today we have reached the highest point of the Ecovat in Uden. This “highest” point is 1.5 meters below ground level. The lowest point is 21 meters below ground level.

The Ecovat vessel was closed with a self-supporting cover construction. This construction is designed by manufacturers Verhoeven and Leenders and produced by Van Rijbroek Staalconstructies in Volkel, a small town near Uden. Below you will find some pictures of the execution.

The last step in the building process was the installation of the prefabricated cover plates, produced by Firma Thijssen – Den Brok located in Mill.

Test Container
A Master student from Eindhoven University of Technology is helping us with testing the Ecovat hardware. He has made an optimization for the hydraulic system to the various generators and heat exchangers in the Ecovat. In the picture above you can see the supply lines to and from each wall section.

By switching a layer on and/or off, you can charge and discharge Ecovat efficiently. The complexity arises from the multitude of options, given the number of generators that are installed in one location. The header section designed by Rens is able to process all these options for the most optimal use. In the image below you see the test container containing various generators, control and header section.