The Ecovat grid balance system makes it possible to take advantage of the flexibility of energy. This self- steering and self-learning system bases its actions on the weather forecast and actual energy prices in order to react in an optimal way to the imbalanced prices in the grid.

Collective balancing by way of electric-thermal conversion and storage

All energy currents in a grid are being steered in an economic way and take into account the end users and other existing energy sources. The needs of the users of the grid are thus met as well as possible and the flexibility is optimized.

The Ecovat steering software works on the basis of control- and optimized algorithms, with which all energy currents in an Ecovat micro grid are being steered optimally. The optimal position differs per situation, which is why the steering software is measured specifically for each situation.

The earning model for the user is not only decided by the content of the barrel and the amount of charge and discharge cycli, but also by the freedom of choice to store energy, to use it or even to deliver it back to the grid. This is all dependent on the value of energy on that moment.

Electric- thermal heat exchange

The Ecovat steering software is aimed at the coupling between the barrel and the internal energy network of the coupled built environment and the high-tension network. With this the micro grid is made suitable for grid balance.

By using smart neutral networks this freedom of choice is being economically filled in an optimal way. This fully automated and with the use of existing data and future expectations. The Ecovat steering software makes sure that on the basis of actual weather forecasts and energy prices action is being undertaken in the right place and on the right time.

The steering software consists of three steps:

  1. Forecasting of energy currents
  2. Matching (optimizing) of demand and supply on local level
  3. Steering of equipment so that the target function on the micro grid can be optimally reached (for example by maximizing profits by trading in the imbalanced market).

On our way to a 100% sustainable energy system

The result is a system that carries out an automated and in an optimal way possible grid balance. The Ecovat grid balance system does not only provide an optimized balance in the national electric network, but turns the energy storage also into an earning model for the user.