The Ecovat is a large subterranean buffer tank filled with water. Heat and cold can be added to or extracted from the tank through conductivity via its wall. With a heat storage in water of 90°C, the system shows an energy loss of less than ten percent over a period of six months.

The construction of the Ecovat is based on the container-in-container principle, consisting of a concrete outer tank containing a highly insulated inner tank. By means of heat exchangers on the wall, heat can be extracted from or added to the tank. Heat inside the tank can be brought to various temperatures. More about thermal energy storage.

Ecovat as a sustainable energy system

By connecting the Ecovat to a residential district for example, you create a year-round sustainable energy supply. This offers the possibility of setting up the entire energy system in a flexible way, so that a network administrator can put in the district as a controllable user. Thus, from an energy storage system Ecovat will transform into a total energy system.

“In the transition to 100% sustainable energy, storage is the missing link.”

The tank is charged with as much renewable heat as possible. This heat, for instance, is supplied by local heat sources like geothermal heat, residual heat and solar panels, or it is locally generated with heat pumps combined with electric boilers. Ecovat retains the heat for a long period of time, showing minimal heat loss. When there is demand for it, heat is released to the consumers in a district via a heat grid.