The Ecovat control software is directed at pairing the tank with the internal energy grid of the built environment and the national grid that are connected to it. By means of this the micro grid is made suitable for net balancing. The Ecovat control software ensures that, based on current weather forecasts and energy prices, action is taken in the right place.

The control software follows three steps

  • Predicting energy currents

  • Matching supply and demand at a local level

  • Controlling hardware in such a way that the goal function on the micro grid is achieved

All energy currents in a grid are controlled in an economical way and reckon with end users and other energy sources present. Thus, the needs of the grid users are fulfilled in the best possible way and flexibility is used in the most optimal way.

Tailor-made for every situation

The Ecovat control software works on the basis of control and optimization algorithms, by means of which all energy currents in an Ecovat micro grid are optimally controlled. The definition of ‘optimal’ differs per situation. That is why the control software is tailored to each different situation.

The revenue model for the user is not only determined by the volume of the tank and the number of charging and discharging cycles, but also by the freedom of being able to store energy, to use it or even to return it to the grid. All this depending on the value of energy at that particular moment.