Ecovat compares itself to alternative seasonal storage systems

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Ecovat compares itself to alternative seasonal storage systems

Ecovat is a large, underground, concrete buffer vessel that enables the sustainable heat surpluses of summer to be stored and used for heating during wintertime.

Integration of storage renders fossil fuels obsolete, enabling the realisation of a 100% sustainable energy system without CO2 emissions! A single Ecovat can provide heating and cooling for several hundred to a few thousands of households. The energy stored in Ecovat is distributed to the connected households by use of a district heating network. A district heating network is a grid of water-filled pipes.

In addition to Ecovat, several seasonal storage systems have similar functionality. To clarify where the differences, similarities and strengths and weaknesses of each lie, Ecovat carried out a study comparing seasonal storage systems economically and technically.

The research provides an objective overview of the possible applications of each system. Research institutes and industry experts have continually provided input and feedback to safeguard validity and objectivity. The findings are communicated as differentiated advice on the use of each system, together with the preconditions that belong to it.

This makes the report particularly interesting for municipalities, heating companies, consultancies, research institutes and investors having to choose between storage systems. The report is written to help them make an informed, well-reasoned decision by providing useful considerations.

After reading, the reader knows:

  1. Why energy storage is necessary to increase the sustainability of our energy systems.
  2. What forms of energy exist, how they can be stored and which technologies are available for this.
  3. The main advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, barriers to implementation and the technical and economic performance of each of the storage technologies and Ecovat.
  4. Which storage system is best for a given heat demand scenario.

Video explanation Comparative study

Ecovat made a video about the comparison study. You can watch this video here.

Download report

You can download the report here.

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