Pebble bed storage integrated

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Pebble bed storage integrated

Ecovat provides an economically feasible large scale seasonal buffer system for thermal energy on a district level that could also be able to enhance the efficiency of existing technologies. Excess electricity is converted into heat and stored in a high temperature storage, the storage medium consists of low cost pebbles.

The need for storage to enable a reliable energy supply will become more pressing in the near future. Price, efficiency and durability are the most limiting factors of current storage technologies.

In case of an electricity deficit, the heat is converted back into electricity by means of an ORC. The Ecovat provides the cooling water and absorbs the waste stream of the ORC. The waste stream of the ORC, which contains up to 79% of the input energy, is due to the Ecovat converted in useful exergy and stored for later usage. Moreover, the Ecovat can store this energy as high quality heat.

In this report a simulation shows that close to a 1000 full load hours can be achieved by the ORC in a future energy system.