Ecovat is a large subterranean buffer tank created for storing energy across the seasons. By smartly charging an Ecovat with the right mix of generators, consumption and distribution, Ecovat maximally responds to the flexibility of renewable energy and heat.

ecovat development


Ecovat offers the possibility of becoming independent of fossil fuels by using 100% renewable energy. Additionally, Ecovat ensures continuance of the costs related to heating and cooling.

Built environment

Ecovat provides year-round renewable energy supply. This makes the built environment value-stable and futureproof. Read more


On a large scale greenhouses face a mismatch when it comes to the supply and demand of heat. Ecovat offers a solution across the seasons. Read more

Heat grids

The Netherlands has many heat grids that distribute residual heat or renewable heat. The supply usually does not match the demand. Read more

What is Ecovat used for?

  • Sustainable, value-stable and futureproof district development.
  • Local storage of energy that has been generated by solar panels, PVT panels and PV panels.
  • Supply of usable heat from the Ecovat when there is demand for it.
  • Storage of energy that is bought in times when this energy is cheap and generated sustainably.
  • Ensuring supply during breakdown of the electricity grid or during generation of energy.
  • Buying energy from the grid when there is an imbalance. For instance because of a surplus of solar and wind energy.
  • Congestion management: deciding whether or not to buy energy from the electricity grid if and when grid overload threatens to happen.
  • Creation of demand by buying energy at times in which otherwise curtailment would have taken place.
  • Taking away peak load on the heat grid.