We believe in a future that depends on a 100% sustainable energy system. Comfortable, reliable and affordable for the current generation, without it being at the expense of future generations.

This transition will go hand in hand with a strong increase in fluctuating energy generation. Large discrepancies between supply and demand will arise.

ecovat track record

“Storage is the missing link in the transition to renewable energy.”

Our mission

It is our goal to ensure that all energy is used and none of it goes to waste. In order to achieve this, we cannot do without energy storage.

To make optimal use of the sustainable energy system, we design and build an intelligent energy storage system at district level. Together with our client we develop sustainable energy issues that help achieve national and international climate goals.

Our track record

  • First results in line with thermodynamic analyses.
  • Ecovat® S in Uden has been realized.
  • New production location in Oss.
  • Relocation from our office to Poort van Veghel.
  • Winner Flexcon 2017 Energy Startup Challenge.