Ecovat® Renewable Energy Technologies works together with a large network of entrepreneurs, organizations, governments, technology companies and knowledge and educational institutions. Below you find our current job openings.

We are currently looking for:

Vacancy Full-time graduation Research project for technical MSc student

    1. Technical design

    Ecovat is more than just the tank. We are concerned with grids, consumers, production, installations.

    But also with heat exchangers outside and inside the tank. In the future we may have to deal with high temperatures, batteries, etc. All this needs to be engineered, both conceptually and on a (technical) detail level.

    2. Operation & services

    We have to determine when the Ecovat needs to be charged and discharged. This can be done on the basis of the expected heat demand and energy price on a single market, other markets or the weather. Operation also depends on our services. We for example not only offer comfort, but also a service that takes care of preventing grid congestion. This operation and service are to be developed, from concept to implementation.

    3. Data

    To design and control an Ecovat properly, we need to know everything there is to know about its surrounding area. Not only about the surrounding area, but also about the national energy system. What is happening and how can we go along with it? What are the short-term and long-term developments? With the aid of historical data and big data science we try to find answers to these questions.

    Unsolicited application

    We are constantly looking for new people and possibilities. Do you think you can make a useful contribution to Ecovat’s development? Then send your motivation and CV to