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Ecovat is selected for the Accenture Innovation Awars. This is an annual innovation competition for the most innovative Dutch products, services and concepts. With these Innovation Awards, Accenture gives companies and organizations the recognition they deserve. Companies that provide exceptional performance in the areas of innovation and sustainability and are younger than three years, will compete for the Blue Tulips, Green Tulip and the Audience Award.

Accenture Innovation Awards Ceremony

The award ceremony of the Accenture Innovation Awards will take place on October 30 in DeFabrique in Utrecht. During this ceremony, the Blue Tulips, Green Tulip, the Innovator of the Year award and the winner of the Audience Award will be announced.

Prior to the award ceremony, the first selection will be made by an independent jury. The jury consists of a mix of industry professionals working in business and government. Then, the selected participants may pitch their innovation and the winners of each theme will be chosen.

Innovation Themes

Unlike previous years, the Accenture Innovation Awards will be awarded in 10 Dutch innovation and growth themes. Ecovat competes in the Clean & Affordable Energy theme.

Clean & Affordable Energy

Energy is the engine behind our economy and greatly determines the quality of life. On the way to other forms of energy production and consumption, we are to make both technical and social ‘energetic’ choices. The traditional energy supply is not sustainable for maintaining a stable and prosperous future. The world must look for other ways of energy supply and consumption. Cost-effective, reliable and durable.

Clean & Affordable Energy focuses on accelerating the energy transition, in order to keep the earth livable. Here not only technology solutions, but also innovative business models and concepts bring about behavioral change.

Vote Ecovat for the Audience Award

With Ecovat we want to contribute to accelerating the energy transition. Ecovat is the first product which is capable in storing high temperature (90 °C) for long periods of time (6 months) with a loss of energy of less than 10% over this period.

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