Storage is the missing link

The possibility of making optimal use of renewable energy demands flexibility. The amount of sustainably generated energy is growing and consequently the call for flexibility does too. Energy storage enables us to use our energy in a flexible way.

However, with the presently known thermal energy storage systems energy can either only be stored over short periods of time or these systems do not prove to be cost-efficient enough. The Ecovat energy storage system is the missing link here: affordable thermal energy storage across the seasons.

We believe in a future that depends on a 100% sustainable energy system. Comfortable, reliable and affordable for the current generation, without it being at the expense of future generations. To make optimal use of the sustainable energy system, we design and realize an intelligent energy storage system at district level.

Mastering the art of flexibility

When there is a surplus of energy, the energy is not returned to the electricity grid, it is stored for later use. The owner or user of an Ecovat is always free to choose whether or not he wishes to make use of the electricity grid. This way renewable energy can be optimally used and the risk of increasing energy costs is eliminated.

Energy as a service

Starting from the idea that there should be a way of combining existing proven technologies in a smarter way, an overall concept has been created that transforms energy from use to comfort. A sustainable system, geared to a future that is independent of fossil fuels.


Ecovat adds value to a project at several levels. In most of the applications the basis is seasonal storage. By charging an Ecovat in a smart way, Ecovat is able to act optimally on one or more flexibility markets. In a Total energy system the Ecovat transforms energy from use to comfort.

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