Storage is the missing link

The possibility of making optimal use of renewable energy demands flexibility. The amount of sustainably generated energy is growing and consequently the call for flexibility does too. Energy storage enables us to use our energy in a flexible way.

We believe in a future that depends on a 100% sustainable energy system. Comfortable, reliable and affordable for the current generation, without it being at the expense of future generations. To make optimal use of the sustainable energy system, we design and realize an intelligent energy storage system at district level.

Ecovat Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage

Transforms energy from usage to comfort. A 100% sustainable system, designed for a future independent of fossil fuels.

  • Always assured of renewable heat and cold.
  • Uses only renewable energy and reduces carbon emissions to zero.
  • Anticipates supply and demand, market prices and needs. For now, tomorrow and in half a year.
  • Having to depend no longer on natural gas and other fossil fuels.
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