Storage is the missing link

In order to make maximum use of renewable energy, there is a demand for flexibility. Energy storage ensures that we can deal with our energy flexibly.

Ecovat offers a total solution for local supply of heat and cold. The Ecovat system stores sustainably generated energy for up to 6 months. Comfortable, reliable and affordable.

We believe in a future with a 100% sustainable energy system. Comfortable, reliable and affordable for the current generation, without compromising on future generations. To make the most of the sustainable energy system, we design and realize an intelligent energy storage system at the area level. Get to know us >

Ecovat Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage

Transformeert energie van gebruik naar comfort. Een 100% duurzaam systeem, gericht op een toekomst onafhankelijk van fossiele brandstoffen.

  • Always sure of sustainable heat and cold.
  • Uses only renewable energy and reduces CO2 emissions to zero.
  • Responds to supply and demand, market prices and need. For now, tomorrow and six months from now.
  • No more dependence on natural gas and other fossil fuels.
See the possibilities

Ecovat realization animated