Production Ecovat prefab wall parts started


In recent months, we have worked hard to set up and prepare the new production location in Oss – The Netherlands. With the start of the production line, a start is made with large-scale rollout. The pictures below show a number of steps in production.

Assembling the insulation panels

Photo 1 – The production line for the insulation panels is visible on this photo. The yellow work platform goes over rails rolling over the production table. The pallets with Foam glass are placed on the production table. Foamglas is a 100% durable and sustainable insulation material consisting of recycled glass.

Photo 1

Photo 2 – After the block is assembled, it is sawed to size. Since the angle of the insulation panel depends on the number of elements per Ecovat, a sawing principle has been developed whereby we can set the sawing angle. An Ecovat L consists of 30 elements per layer. This means that the sawing angle is 360/30 = 12 degrees. Since two elements together form this angle, the sawing angle per block is 12/2 = 6 degrees. The laying pattern is designed in such a way that minimal material loss occurs.

Photo 2

Photo 3 – The insulation panel is lifted off the production table with a vacuum lifter. The vacuum lifter is produced by the Dutch company Aerolift. Aerolift is international leader in the field of vacuum lifters and vacuum techniques. Their knowledge has been used for the development of this tool.

Photo 3

Photo 4 – The vacuum lifter has lifted the insulation panel and the panel can be turned in the air. This is necessary since the insulation panels are placed vertically in the steel concrete mold. Below, the panel is brought to its position. The mold is opened hydraulically.

Photo 4

Photo 5 – The insulation panel is positioned. The vacuum is released once the insulation panel is in its correct position.

Photo 5

Photo 6 – The pre-fabricated steel reinforcement rods are placed in the mold. Then the mold is closed hydraulically. The self-compacting concrete is pumped into the steel mold.

Photo 6

Photo 7 – The concrete gets enough strength in one night to be lifted out of the mold.

Photo 7

Photo 8 – The elements are placed outside for storage. Here they can be transported by truck or boat.

Photo 8

Ready for large scale projects

In total, three complete elements can be produced daily in this way. With the start of large scale production, Ecovat gets the opportunity to realize projects with a size of 200-1000 homes.

Please contact us if you are interested in the application of an Ecovat. With a team of specialists, we are ready to realize affordable heating and cooling for your projects with 100% sustainability.