Eighty percent of the energy need consists of heat. So far, sustainable investments have only been feasible for new buildings, while in the Netherlands alone already seven million existing homes could be renovated.

100% sustainable heat and cold supply

By linking an Ecovat® for example to a residential area, a sustainable energy supply is created throughout the year. This provides the possibility to control the whole energy system in the district in a flexible manner, so that an administrator can also use the area as an adjustable user. Because of this, energy taxes in the grid will be better manageable.

Energy neutrality on district level.

Ecovat ® takes a step in the direction of possibilities for the up-scaling of a system for large-scale delivery of heat from an energy storage system into a total energy system. It is possible to become independent from energy companies for a larger part and produce energy decentralized which means providing in one’s own energy need. A surplus of self-produced energy can be stored for later, but can also be used for additional facilities such as electric cars.

Linking to the Smart Grid

By linking an Ecovat® with a Smart Grid, we can realize the sustainability of the electricity supply in combination with the intended better utilization standard of the electricity grid. As a result, investments in the existing grid are not necessary.

Applying Smart Grid concepts is a key technology strategy to achieve the objectives for efficient energy use and sustainability. Through an intelligent link between the energy infrastructure and the built environment, the imbalance between the generated renewable energy and the consumption is minimized. As a result, a peak load in parts of the electricity grid is greatly reduced.