Research suitability of the Ecovat storage tank as a peak buffer

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Master Thesis Marijn van den Heuvel: Peak Buffering by the Ecovat Thermal Energy Storage System

In attached thesis research is done regarding the suitability of the Ecovat storage tank as a peak buffer. In doing so, existing systems that include seasonal- and peak buffer tanks are compared. Based on this comparison, two use cases are designed, one seasonal and one buffer use case. These use cases are inserted into a convex optimization model, which returns the costs optimized operation.

The operation of the tank as seasonal- and buffer storage is compared using the cycle number, storage efficiency, equivalent CO2 emissions, and total annual costs. This comparison shows that the Ecovat storage tank reduces the equivalent CO2 emissions, but increases the annual costs for both use cases compared to when natural gas is used to supply the heat demand.

Moreover, it is observed that the buffer use case results in a higher storage efficiency and 6.5 times higher cycle number than the seasonal use case. Therefore, it is concluded that the Ecovat storage tank is suitable as buffer storage with a Cycles Number (CN) of 9.42, which approaches a monthly discharged buffer tank.

Great work Marijn and congratulations on your excellent 7.5 rating!

This is the link to read the Master Thesis. This is the videolink from the presentation.